Con Season Is Coming
Apr 4, 2018 - #life #conventions #rant 

Convention season here in the southeast is beginning to spin up again and I wanted to take some time to discuss something very important. Consent. I’ve heard horror stories from friends of mine about consent violations in the past and I’ve been actively trying to keep an eye out and prevent these things from happening. It’s super-simple, really. If you don’t know someone, don’t do it. It can be a touch or taking a photo. Ask first, always. If it’s someone you hardly know, but they said yes previously, ask again to be sure. They may not be as comfortable as last time due to any number of reasons. Don’t assume that just because you saw someone hugging someone else that you can just walk right up and do the same. That’s not how it works.

Also: COSPLAY IS NOT CONSENT. I don’t care how awesome you think someone’s costume is, or how much you have a crush on Catwoman, you have exactly ZERO right to touch someone who has not given you explicit permission to do so. Doing so will (hopefully) result in you getting tossed from the convention. There’s no place for that.

Last year I posted about being a “safe space” in a convention Facebook page and managed to get the security team (okay, one security guy) pissed off and proclaiming I was trying to steal his job. Well, this year, I plan to offer the same thing. If you see me at a convention, and you need help to get away from a situation, please come over to me and start talking to me. If it’s a serious issue, I will make sure to escort you to the nearest security staff member and stay with you for as long as you need me to. I’ll make sure to get you out of that situation. I also plan to call out idiots on their bullshit if I see it or hear it. Note: I’m not going to start trouble, but I will make a point to make sure someone on con staff knows about your less-than-appropriate behavior. Everyone deserves to have fun and enjoy their convention. They should not have to worry about creeps wandering around and ruining the fun for everyone else.