Settling In and Life Updates
Apr 12, 2022 - #life #tech 

Tomorrow marks a month since I moved in here at the Spaghetti Dojo (there’s a story behind that name, but I like it, so it stays), and at this point I’ve gotten settled into a routine, most of my boxes have been sorted and unpacked, and my home network is functional. I did end up purchasing a new router and moving the Xfinity gateway into bridged mode. I went with an ASUS RT-AX86U after researching, and so far it’s working very well. I’m getting great speeds on the Wi-Fi, and it’s darn near close to the wired ethernet speeds. My Twitch streams, which should become more regular again, are running fine without the hard line, which makes me very happy.

On the work front, I’ve received notification that they are closing the corporate office that I report to. I was already set to work from home anyway, but this just seems to make it final. I’ll be making my final visit to the office this Thursday to bring home another box (just when I had all of my boxes pretty much cleared :) ) and finalize the closure of my old workspace of 15 years. As far as job security, that’s kind of up in the air right at the moment, but hopefully I’ll be finding out more soon and hopefully I can make that one less source of stress. I’m really not in a place where I want to start over again as far as new companies go, so fingers crossed my job is stable.

I’ve got a few things in the works. Hopefully by the middle of next week I’ll finally have my Windows 11 video up on my Youtube channel, and if I can sort out a way to record, I’ll try to start vlogging again, at least once a week depending on what I get up to. I also want to get my photography portfolio back online as well, if nothing else, so I have a place to show off some of my work. I’ll post updates here and on Twitter as those things progress, then hopefully after that, I can finally get back to some other projects I’ve been putting off.