Tech Thoughts: WIFI 6 and Xfinity's Gateway
Mar 19, 2022 - #tech 

One of the downsides of my move meant that I was losing ATT Fiber, and my only option for internet at a decent speed was Xfinity. I haven’t been an Xfinity customer for well over 15+ years, so it’s interesting to see how things have changed since then. Going into my new place, I was originally going to put the Xfinity-provided gateway into bridge mode and use the Ubiquity Dream Machine I had bought but never used. Initially to get internet going at my apartment, though, I just set up the gateway as normal and connected to it.

At that point, I found out it had WIFI 6 support, which my recently rehabbed desktop also supported. My main concern with having the desktop being wireless, though, was whether or not it would be fast enough to support streaming to Twitch. I got a chance to test that out this past Thursday and I found that it works great! A few of my followers even commented that the stream seemed even better than before, which floored me. This is great news for me, though, since now I won’t have to figure out how to route an ethernet cable across the entire apartment.

The downside of this setup is that my Dream Machine doesn’t support WIFI 6, so I won’t be able to utilize it. I know I could buy an access point, but right now I’m trying not to spend money that I don’t need to. I may look into something later on down the road, but for now I think things will be fine the way they are. The interface on the gateway isn’t as horrible as I thought it might be, but it does lack some functions that the Dream Machine would have provided. I’ll definitely be looking into some routers later on down the road, but for now, this is actually pretty usable.