Tech Thoughts: Xfinity Gateway Follow-up
Mar 28, 2022 - #tech 

In my previous blog entry, I wrote about my new network setup with the Xfinity XB7 gateway and Wi-Fi 6. It’s good, but one thing in particular that is annoying is that I cannot change the DNS servers handed out by the DHCP server built into the gateway. This means if I want to use something other than Comcast’s DNS servers, I need to change each of my clients individually. It’s not the end of the world, but it’s still a pain, especially since I’m looking at deploying a Pi-Hole on my network to cut down on ads and other junk.

This lead me to start looking at routers. I have my Dream Machine, but it doesn’t have Wi-Fi 6 as I previously mentioned. I could drop another 149 bucks and add an Ubiquity access point and is something I’m seriously considering. My only concern is network performance I’d be leaving on the table (potentially). I have the Xfinity 1.2 Gigabit package, and the network interfaces on the Dream Machine are only 1 Gigabit. Honestly running over Wi-Fi, I don’t think I’m going to really leave much on the table, but I’m also thinking about the future should Xfinity offer even further upgraded speeds. Thinking about my options:

  1. Leave the current setup as-is, sell the Dream Machine and just continue with my basic network setup
  2. Run with the Dream Machine and drop money on a Wi-Fi 6 access point. (Wi-Fi 6 is necessary for my desktop streaming setup)
  3. Buy a new Wi-Fi 6 router and sell the Dream Machine

Leaving the setup as-is, of course, is the cost-effective option. I’m still doing some research, but if anyone has any thoughts, hit me up on Twitter: @justxanny