What's in a Name?


At first glance, my handle: 'Xanny' would seem to be a drug reference, slang for Xanax. Most people don't seem to think anything of it, but those that do make a big stink out of it for some reason. It's weird. The name just kinda came to me, and I had zero clue of the slang term that it was. But, I digress.

I've had this name for the past 14 years or so, and with it I've gone through a slew of domain names. It finally occurred to me, though, that I should just get a domain name that matches my other social media (Twitter, mostly. I'm not using Instagram much anymore), and thus justxanny.com was born. All of my other domains, with the exception of the domain I use for my email, will be set to redirect here and allowed to expire. As I work on moving in here at Write.as, I'll work on going through old posts and getting them set up here too.