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So it's been a while since I've actually written any code, either for fun or at work. I miss it, and of course there's the whole “use it or lose it” that happens with things you learn and don't utilize. For work, Python is my main focus and 99% of the Python written is mostly command line stuff. I've written a Flask webapp or two, but that was years ago at this point. I think in order to keep my skills sharp I'll probably find some online courses to take, or some problems to solve. [Exercism][1] comes to mind first, as it was something I was looking at for Go development as well. Work also allows me to take online courses during the workday as well, so that's an option too. It's just a matter of finding things that will engage me and keep me writing code.

As for as coding for fun goes, I've got a few different things to look at. First, I need to brush up on C for Arduino, or I could go the route of just doing MicroPython. I think MicroPython would make more sense since I already have a history with it. I'm still interested in Go, so I may start back down that road as well. It's just a matter of getting set up and actually writing code. Stay tuned, I'm sure I'll write about it more as I work on getting back on track.

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I've finally assembled the final bits for a Ghostbusters cosplay. Originally I was going to drop a lot of money and do a full pack, but due to life and such, I opted to buy a Spirit Halloween Proton Pack and modify it. I'm putting my personal spin on this outfit, so it's not going to be screen accurate, nor do I care if people bitch about it. The important part is, I'm going to enjoy myself with it.

I'll take photos and post a writeup about what I do once all of the parts get here. I can't wait to get this pulled together.


At first glance, my handle: 'Xanny' would seem to be a drug reference, slang for Xanax. Most people don't seem to think anything of it, but those that do make a big stink out of it for some reason. It's weird. The name just kinda came to me, and I had zero clue of the slang term that it was. But, I digress.

I've had this name for the past 14 years or so, and with it I've gone through a slew of domain names. It finally occurred to me, though, that I should just get a domain name that matches my other social media (Twitter, mostly. I'm not using Instagram much anymore), and thus was born. All of my other domains, with the exception of the domain I use for my email, will be set to redirect here and allowed to expire. As I work on moving in here at, I'll work on going through old posts and getting them set up here too.